what we do

Buffalo Energy is a power developer focused on sub-Saharan Africa which we see as the next frontier market in global energy generation and consumption. It is clear that energy is going to undertake the same revolution as telecommunications and we believe the most exciting developments will come from the African continent. In order to facilitate this change and exploit the huge growth Africa will see, Buffalo Energy operates in two business areas: grid connected power development and captive & off-grid power roll out. 

GRId connected power development 

Buffalo Energy has a pipeline of wind, solar PV and biomass projects in Southern and East Africa. We specialise in originating international standard projects then taking them to financial close and the commencement of commercial operations. Buffalo Energy provides: 

  • An on-the-ground team of professionals who can carry out and arrange the necessary development tasks
  • An existing network of consultants, legal firms and financing/ advisory houses who we have worked with on deals and who we know can carry out these tasks to IFC standards
  • The capability to undertake Operations and Maintenance and Project Asset Management after construction

Buffalo Energy typically seeks to exit investments at or just after Financial Close but can take project equity in some circumstances.


captive & off-grid power roll out

solar roof factory-1495928_1920.jpg

We deliver solar PV solutions to large commercial or industrial users, and to remote unelectrified villages.

Our solar PV solutions can reduce businesses power costs whilst improving reliability. Clients can either purchase a system outright or we can arrange a Power Purchase Agreement or a Lease To Own financing solution for them. 

Buffalo Energy has an innovative solution to off-grid electrification. We can quickly deploy solar and storage installations into remote locations providing both power and subsequent social and economic development. 



Buffalo Energy also offer a range of consultancy services to a wide variety of clients. We are experts in renewable energy, and are specialists in the policy, regulatory, financial and development aspects of the sector. Our previous work includes:

  • Helping a number of management teams for African businesses to optimise their energy use, and provide independent cost / benefit analysis of captive generation solutions.
  • Producing extensive analysis and recommendations to a consortium of investors looking to bid in a tender for a large renewable energy project in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Providing detailed financial analysis and advisory to a large infrastructure project in Zambia. We were the key energy advisors in the project, and provided recommendations about whether to execute a major transaction in order to achieve their goals. 


Get in touch with the Buffalo Energy team to find out more: info@buffaloenergy.co